The Human Body

Human Beings And Their Needs. God Made A Wonderful Creature To Survive On The Earth. How The Human Body Can Be Compared With A Machine? Is The Human Body  A Simple Machine? The Human Body Also Is A Wonderful Machine. Like Any Machine. The Human Body Is Also Made Up Of Many Parts Which Perform Specific Functions.

Human Body Can Do Many Activities That No Man-Made Machine Can Ever Do. It Can See, Hear, Smell, Feel, Taste, Move, Grow, Breathe And Reproduce. As A Machine Is Made Of Many Small Parts, Similarly, Our Body Is Also Made Up Of Very Small Units.

The Smallest Unit Of Which Our Body Is Made Is Called A Cell. Many Cells Joins Together To Form A Tissue. A Group Of Tissue Forms An Organ. Different Organs Perform Different Functions.

A Few Organs Together Carry Out One Major Function For The Body By Forming An Organ System. Several Organ Systems Form An Organism.

The Human Body Is Not Just A Machine But It Is An Organism.

Sense Organs

Sense Organs

What Is Sense Organs? Name The Different Types Of Sense Organs.

Our Body Has Some Special Organs Which Help Us To Sense The Changes In Our Environment. These Organs Are Called Sense Organs.

We Have Five Sense Organs:

1.Eyes   2.Ears   3.Nose   4.Tongue   5.Skin.


The Human Body
EYE - The Organ of Human Body
  1. How Does Eyes Help Us As A Sense Organs?

  2. What Is The Function Of Eye As A Part Of Human Body?

  • They Are Also Called Natural Cameras.
  • They Help Us To See And Identify Things Around Us.

  • We Should Take Care Of Our Eyes And Protect Them From Injuries And Infection.


What Is The Function Of Tongue As A Sense Organ?

 How Tongue Is Useful To Us?

  • The Tongue Helps Us To  Taste Different Flavors Such As Sweet, Sour, Salty And Bitter.
  • It Also Help Us To Speak. We Should Clean Our Tongue Daily.
The Human Body
Tongue- The Organ of The Human Body


The Human Body
Ear- The Organ Of Human Body

How Ears Are Useful To Human Body?

What Is The Special About Ears?

  • Ears Help Us To Hear Different Kinds Of Sounds.
  •  We Can Hear Low Sounds Of Whispers To Loud Noises.
  •  We Should Clean Our Ears Frequently.


How Do The Nose Helps Us ?

What Is The Function Of Nose As A Part Of Human Body?

  • The Nose Helps Us To Smell.
  • It Also Helps Us To Breathe.
  • We Should Keep Our Nose Clean.
  • We Should Never Blow Our Nose Hard.
  • We Should Always Use A Clean Handkerchief Or Towel To Clean Our Nose.


the human body
Skin - The Organ of Human Body

What Is The Function Of Skin ?

How Do Skin Is Useful To Us?

The Skin Helps Us To Feel Things.

  • We Feel Hot, Cold And Warm, And Recognize Whether Things Are Rough Or Smooth.
  • We Also Feel Pleasure And Pain Through The Skin.
  • We Should Bathe Regularly To Keep Our Skin Clean And Healthy.
  • The Total Surface Area Of Skin Of An Adult Human Being Is About 18 Sq. Ft.

Organ System

What Is An Organism?

The Organ In Human Body Forms Different Organ Systems. All Organ Systems Together Form An Organism Or Living Being.

Digestive System

The Human Body
What Is Digestive System?

What Is Digestive System?

How Does Digestive System Work In Human Body?

Where Does Food Go After We Swallow It?

 How Do We Get Energy From Food?

Digestive System Is A Complex Organ System, Which Helps Us To Take In Food And Make It Ready For Use By The Body.

We Take In Food Through Our Mouth And Chew It With The Help Of Teeth.

The Chewed Food Mixes With Saliva In The Mouth, And Becomes Soft.

It Then Reaches The Stomach.

In The Stomach, The Chewed Food Gets Mixed With Digestive Juices And Changes Into A Soluble Form.

This Soluble Food Finally Goes Into Small Intentine Where It Is Absorbed By The Blood.

The Undigested Food Goes To The Large Intestine From Where It Is Passed Out Of The Body As Waste Through Anus.

Circulatory System

Circulatory System

What Makes The Circulatory System?

How Does Circulatory System Works In Our Body?

The Heart, The Blood And The Blood Vessels Together Form The Circulatory System.

The Heart Pumps The Blood To Different Parts Of The Body Through Blood Vessels.

The Blood Supplies Oxygen And Food To Cells Of The Body.

the human body
Circulatory System

Respiratory System

the Human Body
What Is Respiratory System?

What Is Respiratory System?

What Are The Parts Of Respiratory System?

This System Consists Of Nose, Windpipe And Lungs.

We Breathe In Air Through Our Nose.

The Hair In The Nose Trap Dust And Germs.

From The Nose, The Air Goes To The Lungs Through The Windpipe.

In The Lungs, The Blood Takes Oxygen And Gives Out Carbon Dioxide.

You Should Always Breathe Through Your Nose, As It Has Several Benefits Over Mouth Breathing.

Skeletal System

the human body
Skeletal System

What Is Skeleton ?

How Does Skeleton Help Our Body By Its Function?

It Consists Of All The Bones, Joints Etc. Our Body Is Made Up Of 206 Bones. Bones Are Of Many Shapes And Sizes.

All These Bones Form A Framework Of Our Body Called Skeleton. The Skeleton Provide Shape And Support To Our Body.It Also Protects The Delicate Organs Like Heart, Brain, Lings And Other Inner Parts From Getting Injured.

The Skull Protects The Brain.

 The Backbone Protects The Spinal Cord And Helps Us To Stand Straight.

Ribs Protect Our Heart And Lungs.

Muscular System

What Is The Use Of Muscles?

Muscles Are Attached To Bones And Help Us To Move.

Muscles And Bones Together Help Us To Walk, Smile, Kick, Move Or Lift Our Body Parts.

Nervous System

the human body
What Is The Function Of Nervous System?

What Is The Function Of Nervous System?

What Is Nervous System?

What Do You Do When You Touch A Hot Objects?

Why Do You Blink Your In Bright Sunlight?

It Happens Because Of Your Nervous System.

The Brain, The Spinal Cord And Nerves Form The Nervous System.

Our Brain Receives Messages From The Sense Organs.

It Sends Orders For Action Through Nerves.

This System Controls All Our Actions Like Seeing, Hearing, Speaking, Learning And So On.

The Bundle Of Nerves That Runs From The Brain To The Back Is Called Spinal Cord.

The Brain Is Like A Computer That Controls All Body Functions.

Excretory System

the human body
What Is The Role Of Excretory System?

What Is The Role Of Excretory System?

The Removal Of Waste From Our Body Is Done By Excretory System.

Kidneys Are The Main Organs Of The Extretory System.

Kidneys Removes Waste Materials In The Form Of Urine.

The Skin Also Acts As An Excretory Organ.

It Removes Excess Water And Salts In The Form Of Sweat.

Reproductive System

What Is Reproduction?

This System Helps Human Beings To Give Birth To Babies. Because Of This System, Life Continues From One Generation To The Next.



the human body
System of Human Body

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